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Author, Record Store Day: The Most Improbable
Comeback of the 21st Century
(Rare Bird Books, LA)

BOOK TOUR CONTINUES: Seventy students of New York University's Steinhardt School of Music & Performing Arts heard my talk on Feb. 24 about the reasons behind vinyl being the most improbable comeback of the 21st Century. Thank you NYU for purchasing RSD books for them. Click here to watch it. Penn State featured me in their alumni magazine. 

“A complete and colourful book that needed to be written. Hats off to Larry Jaffee who stepped up to give us the definitive history of a phenomenon." —Gareth Murphy, author of Cowboys and Indies - The Epic History of the Record Industry 
Author, Educator, Creator
My book Record Store Day: The Most Improbable Comeback of the 21st Century, was published April 12, 2022 by Rare Bird Books for RSD's 15th anniversary. Order the standard paperback here or a store near you. 




Jack White congratulates me on the book after his April 21, 2022 Brooklyn, NY concert 

My favorite Record Store Day releases?

Here's a start, featured in The Big Takeover.



Record Collector magazine (left) March 2022:

"Just before RSD, Larry Jaffee publishes a book on the history of the global event to date, while [Taylor] Swift extols the virtues of physical media...." Billie Eilish's retweet (right) gets 35,000 likes in minutes.




All Over the Place

• Other Record Labels with Scott Orr

Detoxicity with Mike Joseph

Musonomics with Larry Miller

The UYC Experience with Deal Radio's Marc Carey 

900CHML (Toronto, Canada Radio)

Career Highlight: Introducing T Bone Burnett, closing Making Vinyl keynoter, June 24, 2022, Nashville, TN. Watch my book talk there


 I am now a Lecturer of Journalism at Rutgers University in Newark, NJ, after a decade on the faculty at the New York Institute of Technology, where I received the 2021 Presidential Award for Excellence in Part-Time Teaching. Unlike NYIT, which killed its Communication Arts department, Rutgers is moving in the opposite direction by rebuilding its program, especially thankful with democracy threatened globally. Fresh off the picket line of our historical walkout, I published this piece on Medium, "Why the Rutgers Strike Is Different."

Promoting the RSD book in Offenbach Germany, September 2022 

The Return of Tower Records: You've Been Missed (Copper Magazine)

Remembering Phil Ramone,10 Years Later (Copper Magazine)

The Vinyl Industry's Resiliency & Growth Continues (Copper Magazine)

• Mobile Fidelity Weathers the Storm (Record Collector News)

From VHS to Streaming: A Half-Century of Home Entertainment (Copper) 

• Archival piece: 2007 interview with advertising legend George Lois (RIP)

• A trip to the Philips Museum in Eindhoven: Like A Kid in a Candy Store

Lou Reed Remembered on the 50th Anniversary of Transformer

• Found in the bins: Review of David Bowie jazz tribute LP for

• Considering the Compact Disc's 40th Anniversary for Copper magazine

• Analysis of the Mobile Fidelity audiophile scandal for Goldmine

• Liner notes for Skip James: The Complete 1931 Sessions (ORG Music) 

Eighties Music is Unfairly Maligned:100 albums you should know and love

2022 update of vinyl pressing situation and lost chapter from RSD book 

How high is up? CDs rebound too (Making Vinyl Europe 2022 program essay)

• Liner notes for Detective (debut album vinyl reissue by ORG Music, RSD 2022)

Profile of Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame honoree Dan Mason,

   former president of CBS Radio Network  

The Return of BeatleFest April 1-2, 2022 in New Jersey (my first in 20+ years, their first since the pandemic). 

Review of The Beatles: Get Backin which Peter Jackson provides much-needed context to a misunderstood band period. 

Liner notes for a 1957 live album by blues legend Big Bill Broonzy, also posted on Copper magazine by PS Audio

• How COVID-19 didn't hamper the vinyl manufacturing industry from pumping out records

• My virtual presentation on how the vinyl comeback is the most improbable development of the 21st century, defying all technological, economic and ecological logic 

• Leonard Cohen's complex relationship with women

• The Doors' ascendancy as the most popular American band coincided with its label Elektra Records had been located in the same building where I've taught for the past 8 years

• The night that Jim Morrison was kidnapped by his publicist. 

• I argue in the New York State – American Association of University Professors newsletter that higher education should use the pandemic to correct the gross inequalities and exploitation that adjunct professors suffer. 

•Here's something from the archives: a 1991 piece in The Humanist titled, What Happened to Sex on Cable TV?

Next to record collecting, baseball is my second favorite pastime. Since the Major League Baseball season is underway, here's a 2008 piece from my vault saying goodbye to Shea Stadium. Also, here's a 2015 World Series poem by a long-suffering New

York Mets fan, written on the 7 train, following the Game 4 WS loss.

My son Jake Jaffee, 28, is an amateur baseball player and co-host of the New York Yankee podcast Pinstripe Pulse.


                             About Me

This website is a good representation of the various writing I've done over the past several decades. By no means is it complete, and especially missing are the hundreds of articles I wrote as a staff editor for various now-defunct print and online publications or others that never digitized their pages and/or decommissioned servers.  

Trained as a journalist, I use my analytical skills in everything I do by coupling critical thinking with a creative flair. As a wordsmith, I find interesting stories in what others might consider mundane. My B2B journalism background is particularly helpful to companies in need of online content creation, media strategy, public relations or marketing materials. I've worked as a senior copywriter at a digital advertising agency, and marketing consultant for clients in the U.S. and Europe.

My favorite quote is from Albert Einstein: "I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious." The great scientist was obviously being humble, but as a versatile jack of all trades, I can relate to the sentiment. After writing thousands of articles over nearly four decades, being curious about everything serves me well. I have a knack for breaking down jargon for lay audiences. Editors tell me nobody pitch the story ideas that I do. I took Apple Computer's ad campaign to heart: I think differently.

At several publishing companies, I managed editorial and production staffs and budgets, meeting deadlines for large Fortune 500 enterprises to entrepreneurial startups. I jumped on the Internet in the early 1990s and have since worked in new media, but remain fond of print media and analog technology, despite my iPhone and iPad never being far away. 

As an entrepreneur, I published and edited for 25 years and 100 issues a quarterly newspaper about the popular British television series EastEnders. I turned over the reins of the Walford Gazette to a contributor in the spring of 2018. The publication resulted in two successful self-published books, Albert Square & Me and Walford State of Mind, and a prototype magazine called UK:Cue, celebrating the cultural exchange between Britain and America in film, theatre & television that was backed by a successful Kickstarter campaign.

As a college professor specializing in communication arts, my goal is to get my students – now at Rutgers University in Newark, NJ – to think like journalists, much in the way Professor Kingsfield’s objective in the 1970s law school drama The Paper Chase was to get them  “think like lawyers.” I first taught on the college level in the mid-1980s, after which I concentrated on my magazine publishing career. I returned to the classroom in 2013 with the goal of improving my students' media literacy.

Obviously, the technology available in the digital age is far greater than it was in 1986. We now explore how photographs, text, graphics, and audio, as well as data visualization tools, bring to life compelling stories on computer screens and mobile devices. But the key – no matter what medium – remains vivid writing and coming up with a compelling story.

Current / Recent Academic Activities

•  Part-Time Lecturer, Rutgers University (Newark, NJ). (current)

teaching Basic Newsreporting & Newswriting, and Global Journalism 

• Adjunct Assistant Professor, New York Institute of Technology

2013-2022 Recipient of 2021 NYIT Presidential Award for Excellence in  Part-Time Teaching. Faculty Scholar 2015-2020

• Adjunct instructor, Marywood University (Scranton, PA). Jan.-May '22

Adjunct Instructor, Mercy College (NY) Sept. '21-Feb. '22.

•.Courses developed and taught include: English composition; JOUR 101; Narrative Storytelling; Digital Storytelling; Crisis Communications (graduate course); Advisor to award-winning student newspaper Manhattan Globe (; Advertising Copywriting;  Advanced Public Relations; Sports Writing & Reporting; Global Reporting; Social Media in Theory & Practice; Broadcast Reporting; and The Business of New Media 

•  Adjunct Instructor, Borough of Manhattan Community College (CUNY), 

   Sept.-Dec. 2019

• Adjunct Instructor, St. Joseph's College, Jan. 2016-Dec. 2018


Extra-Curricular Activities 

Co-Founder & Conference Chairman, Making Vinyl (  2017-current

• Co-Founded in 2017 B2B conference that celebrates the global rebirth of the record manufacturing industry.

•Conceive program theme, invite keynoters and other speakers, edit program guide, write marketing and website copy 

• Ran four successful in-person events, two in Detroit, Los Angeles, Berlin (Germany), Nashville, and Frankfurt (Germany).


Contributor, Copper magazine; Goldmine magazine; Record Collector News;; ORG Music

2010 - 2020

Contributor, SC Magazine

• Write feature and news articles about the constantly evolving field of cybersecurity and secure computing, including ebooks, special reports, and scripts about milestones in the field.


About Me
Globe meeting Oct. 2016.jpg

Editorial meeting of the award-winning student newspaper the Manhattan Globe, which I launched for NYIT in 2016.


Pennsylvania State University

Graduated June 1986 with M.A. in Journalism

Awarded Graduate Assistantship for my year

Taught JOUR 101 and popular culture courses

Master's project on how MTV changed the record industry

Studied empirical research methodology

Hofstra University

Graduated with B.A. in Communication Arts, Journalism

Minored in Sociology 

Editor-in-chief, Hofstra Chronicle: awarded by Society of Collegiate Journalists the Best Weekly Newspaper in '79-'80 during my tenure

Who's Who Among American College & University Students, 1980

In 1983, completed continuing-education paralegal course in legal research at Hofstra School of Law 


© 2023 by Larry Jaffee 

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